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Youth Soccer Club

Boys and Girls
2009 to 2015

Developing Skillful Players
within the team concept

Academia FC focuses on higher learning player development for boys and girls of all ages. 

We are building well rounded players that can have great footwork, speed dribble, dribble control, passing, moving off the ball, play all field positions and understand the game regardless of physical attributes.

We are building a holistic player that will learn to play multiple positions as a field player and we do not peg players to one position only. 



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Girls Soccer players 1_edited.jpg

We are building athletes with the highest level of competition, passion for giving their best at everything they do, confidence to be aggressive and understanding of the game

Our players learn to receive and create, not to kick to be kicking.

Don't kick to be kicking

We challenge them to be confident with the ball under pressure and not to kick the ball out of bounds with no purpose. We receive and create to take any given situation to play soccer the right way and not rely on the big kick and chase. 

Playing time is earned through practicing hard and playing hard during the games. We are all competitors who want to win every game but not at the cost of player development. 

Player development and growth is the number ONE priority!

Select Competitive Tryouts
June 9th at 1PM
Competitive Soccer Boys
Anjon Athletics Turf Field
316 S. Cool Spring Rd, O'Fallon, MO 63366
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Competitive Select Tryouts Registration

Thanks for submitting!

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Team Fees
July through May

Club Fees



  • 2 to 3 a week

  • 90 minutes each

Training Facilities


*Estimated cost subject to change

SLYSA League Fees

Player card $8

Registration $19

Fall League Fees*:

  • U10 and under - $110

  • U11 and U12 - $120

  • U13 and UP - $130

*Estimated cost based on roster size


3 in town tournaments and 1 out of town tourney will be decided on a team by team basis.

2 Fall Tournaments

2 Spring Tournaments

Per Tournament Fees*:

  • U10 and under - $65

  • U11 and U12 - $55

  • U13 and UP - $50

*Estimated cost based on roster size

Team Gear

Uniform - Jersey, Shorts & Socks

  • Home

  • Away

  • Practice

Warm Up

  • Jacket

  • Pants

Player Hoodie

Team soccer bag (new players only)


Uniforms and Warms Ups new every year

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